Monday, 5 July 2010

An introduction to Towcester Writing & Illustrators Group (TWIG)

Hello and welcome to TWIG. We are a very informal, writing group based in Towcester. We meet at the Dolphin Cafe on the main street of Towcester twice a month, as we have done for the last year and a half. There were 6 of us at the beginning, but due to work commitments and a writing course in Oxford we now stand at four. We love to write but find it difficult to fit it into our busy days. This blog is a new idea and we hope that it will give us something to focus on as a group and in the hours that suit us best.

There are no plans as to which way the blog may go, we just hope it will be interesting, varied and fun. If anyone would like to join our group or have something included in our blog then please contact any of us through the 'comments'.



This is me on my trip to Uganda last year as a volunteer worker for Friends of Iganga. I am a mother of 2 boys and writing for me is something that I try to do to keep my brain working! Apparently writing should be a 'habit', starting off with 15 minutes every day until you pick up a pen and paper without thinking. I did get to this point when I was in Uganda, wrote whenever I sat down, and loved it, back home though, nothing. We are having a big extension done at the moment though and am trying to keep a daily diary, so I am improving.

Lynda has just given up her long time hobby of Guide Leader. She lives with her husband, 'Sir', and has been writing a children's novel for the last 18 months now, which is her main focus. Lynda does not think she will have too much time to add entries on to the blog but we are hoping that she may add in 'diary' entries every now and then to update progress on her book.


Emma is also a writer, of childrens books. She is working on the illustrations at the moment and is hoping to get published in the next few months. Emma is a mother of 3 and a very busy woman with a number of properties to maintain and a part time job related to schools.

Emma will be adding in some 'diary' notes to the blog whenever she can, they are always so energetic in their style (as she is) so we look forward to those.


Sue is a teacher and often has foreign students staying with her to perfect their English with Sues help.

Sue is a dramatic writer, loves a bit of intrigue, and is trying to prioritise her writing a little more.

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